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About Us

We are a traditional Swedish cuisine with international influences

You can visit us in tall building, Torre de Andalucía in the La Campana area. We are located 200 m from Scandi Supermarket, uphill, walk through the entrance, pass the reception and out to the poolside! (Noellas, Plaza Pedro Antonio Alacaron, Torre de Andalucia, 29660 Marbella, Spain.)
(Unfortanly the communidad doesn’t allow pets in the area of the restaurant or the building property).

Noellas Restaurant

Enjoy a traditional lunch!

We are open Monday – Friday 12.00- 17.00  (Kitchen Closing at 16.00)

Welcome to leave your booking or takeaway via WhatsApp or call:  661132714

We are now on Glovo, Just Eat, Uber Eat delivery app, order and get fast deliver from 12.00 to 16.00

Welcome with your reservation!

  • MONDAY/ MÅNDAG from 10 June
    Minced and cabbage pie with lingonberries and potatoes/ Bockwurst with mash
    Kålpudding med lingon och potatis/ Bockwurst med potatismos och gurkmajo

    Chicken Africana with rice, banana, nuts/ Veal liver, bacon, apple and mash
    Kyckling africana curry med ris, banan, jordnötter/ Kalvlever Anglaise med bacon, äpple och mos

    Fish pie/ Lasagna/ 
    Fiskgratäng/ Lasagne

    Sausage stroganoff with rice or boiled potatoes/ Salmon with sweet chili, rice
    Korvstroganoff med ris el potatis/ Sweet chili bakad lax med ris

    Pork loin, roasted potato with herbs, garlic and Choron tarragon sauce
    Fläskytterfile med  ugnsrostad potatis med örter, vitlök och härlig choronsås

  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

      Every day at Noellas a la carte

      • Menu
        Toast skagen 14€


        Hot dog with bread and french fries 8€


        Caesar salad with chicken 12€


        Quinoa salad with guacamole 10€ / w.chicken 12€


        Thai chicken wrap with apple, red curry, red onion and french fries 14€


        Pork schnitzel with potato wedges, spiced butter and red wine sauce 14€


        Swedish sausage (Falukorv)  with creamy pasta 13€


        Meatballs in creamy gravy, mashed potatoes and lingonberries 13€


        Double cheeseburger with bacon and spiced potato wedges 14€

        Beef filet “Rydberg”, onion, potatoes, egg and dijon creme 20€


        Beef filet “Skomakarlåda” with mashed potatoes, bacon and red wine sauce 20€


        Breaded Hake with mashed potatoes and skagen 12€


        Plaice “Rödspätta” with mashed potatoes and remoulade and lemon 16€




        Swiss meringue 6€

        Cakes 5€ 

        Vanilla ice cream 3 scoops with chocolate sauce 5€

        Heisse liebe 6€


        Water/Sodas 2€

        Beer small/ pint 2€/3€

        Wine glass red/rose/white 3.50€ 

        Bottle house wine 12€ 

        Magno/brandy/whiskey/Amaretto 5€ Fernet 5€, Cointreau 6€ 

        Grand Manier 8€

        Combibated drinks, vodka, gin 6€ 

        Coffee/Tea 1,80€ Cappuccino 2.50€ Carajillo 4.00€

        WHITE WINE:

        House wine Rueda Verdejo 14€

        Torres Viña Sol 19€

        Fillaboa Albariño 24€

        Chablis Chardonnay 28€

        RED WINE:

        House wine 14€

        Protos  19€

        Ramon Bilbao special Edition 28

        Cote du Rhone 26€


        Cava Cabré & Sabaté 13€

        Champagne Lanson 35€

        House Rose 14€

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